Destination Optimizer

Do not waste your budget on Google Ads to irrelevant pages! Control the profitability of your search marketing campaigns by offering relevant pages to your users. Redirect your users to the best pages of your site to improve your quality score and your performance.

Destination Optimizer pauses your ads according to your rules. These ads will be automatically reactivated when they are no longer affected by your rules.

Your time is precious, use it to do other things.

Create your rules once and do not come back!

Create your own Rules based on your pages:

  • 0 products error message like “This page is empty”
  • Page inaccessible like page 404 redirection
  • Google Analytics stats
  • Stock status

Access all pages affected by your rules in a few clicks. Adapt your rules according to your results.

How Does Destination Optimizer Work


register via your google ads and analytics account’s linked email

Authenticate With Google

Link your google accounts (Ads & Analytics)

Create Rules

Create your own rules

Choose your timing

Choose your time timing for checking your amount

Start Checking your rules

Activate and check results